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•   John Ed (Buddy) Johnson, Jr.  3/2
•   J. Taylor Doggett  3/8
•   Gloria Shaw (Barker)  3/8
•   Mary Ann McNeely (Hawley)  3/10
•   William Strange  3/10
•   Mary Bulla (Key)  3/12
•   Paula Tuttle (Brinkley)  3/12
•   Linda Barham (Godwin)  3/15
•   Walter Beavers  3/23
•   Wayne Martin  3/25
•   John L. Atwater  3/26
•   Barbara Riddle (Taylor)  3/30
•   Kathryn Ozment (Hughes)  3/31
•   Janie Walters (Bird)  4/1




Well, at our ages we are off and running!  We hope and trust that 2023 was a great year for you and that 2024 will be even better.  Your reunion committee sends greetings and our best wishes for 2024.

We are so pleased to announce that our website has been extended through November 2026 and we have Charles Wall and Jimmy and Diane Stanley to thank for their generous contributions which covered those costs.  Thank you Charles, Jimmy and Diane!

Can you believe that our class is the only class in the history of GHS, Greensboro Senior High, (Grimsley), to sponsor a scholarship for a deserving student from our dear alma mater.  And we have done it annually since our 50th reunion.  As of now we have $7,843.00 in our account.  Our 2023 scholar, Genesis Mark, elected to receive her $2,000 award in 2024. The Alumni Scholarship Committee is ok with this as several scholar winners have chosen to delay receiving their scholarship until next year.  So, out of the $7,843, remember that $2,000 has already been rewarded but not taken out of our account until next year.  In the spring of this year another scholar will be chosen to receive our $2,000 scholarship.  With the 2023 and the 2024 scholars our balance will drop by $4,000.

Do remember, that this scholarship is our class legacy. Any amount contributed to this fund is tax deductable.  Susan Gentry is our class treasurer - her address is listed below:  Always make check out to: 

GHS Class of '56 Scholarship Fund.

Susan Caruthers Gentry


409 W Greenway Dr N

Greensboro NC 27403-1544

We are planning for a spring luncheon in May.  We will get the details out for this date and place in February. Stay tuned.

That's about it from your planning crew, Marie, Suzanne, Manley, Luke, Jimmy and Alan.  Have a wonderful and prosperous 2024.




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